Love Letter: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Call It Quits for Real

By Charanna Alexander

Spring cleaning season is here. And, for some, that doesn’t only apply to cluttered closets: Sometimes relationships get purged, too. (Consider it “uncuffing season”!)

After four years of dating, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez confirmed on Thursday that they’ve called off their engagement. Both shared in a joint statement that they “are better as friends and look forward to remaining so.”

Myra Farooqi, the writer of this week’s Modern Love essay, had done all she could to avoid the potential heartache of falling in love with someone outside of her Muslim faith. She had gone as far as setting the filters on Dil Mil, a dating app for South Asians, to exclude all non-Muslim and non-Pakistani men. But somehow a Hindu Indian-American man made it through. And, just like she feared, love was inescapable. But so was a breakup if he didn’t convert to Islam.

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The pandemic changed the dynamic of many relationships, including friendships. For some, lockdown meant the end of yearslong connections, while other friendship circles grew closer. Here we honor the relationships that helped us endure an impossible year.

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