House of Sunny RTW Fall 2021

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East London-based House of Sunny went viral last summer for its now-signature swirl-print dress, favored by the Kardashian clan. Now it’s translating its flair for psychedelic prints and all things nostalgic for a fall collection that’s equally photogenic — and a welcome antidote to the sea of beige taking over fashion in the last year.

The look: Childlike prints — from unicorns to scenes from Disney’s “Fantasia” — pastel hues and body-hugging knits. This is not for the shy or the minimalists.

Quote of note: “We wanted to bring a playful and psychedelic feel to everyday life. Textiles were designed to provoke memories and fun stories to bring comfort and escapism to people during a global pandemic,” said the label’s managing director Camilla Ley.

House of Sunny RTW Fall 2021

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Standout pieces: Retro faux fur-trimmed cardigans and a winter version of the viral Hockney dress, redone in an ocean blue hue and long sleeves.

Takeaway: Funky, feel-good clothing that will work well for post-lockdown life — and keep the Instagram likes coming.

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