Unlocked features & got sporty GT+ dials by coding my Volkswagen Taigun

I didn’t go with the 80 – 120 km/h beeps as of now, but he assured me it can be done through him anytime.

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Volkswagen Taigun Topline 2022 coded!

Hey folks!

I recently added a few tweaks to my Taigun from a guy who also is a keen follower of Team-BHP. I very well knew and was aware of the VCDS part going wrong if not done properly, thanks to this forum. Hence I made sure this guy works cautiously and with all backup of the original codes, just in case to reset everything if that goes wrong.

Coding was done remotely and I got myself:

  • Off-road mode on ICE
  • Performance mode on ICE
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Acoustic Confirmation for lock/ Unlock
  • Driver Side window UP/DOWN with remote

I didn’t go with the 80/120 beeps as of now, but he assured me it can be done through him anytime.

I had asked the service guys at VW about lock/unlock sound and anti-theft, but they had no idea about it. But when I told them it could be done by coding, they told me to get it done as that definitely wouldn’t affect the warranty.

Overall, I am happy with the work and I would surely recommend this guy for coding.

Attaching video links of the work done!

  • Video 1
  • Video 2
  • Video 3

Meanwhile, he also told me we could configure the digital cluster to the colour we want. I always wanted to try the Red dials of GT+ so I got this done too!

Not pretty sure how would the service centre guys react to it or would even notice, but this looks good and can be coded to the original blue one easily.


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