‘Unfair!’ Man fined for accidentally paying parking fee for wrong car

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A father taking his daughters to the theatre in Devon accidentally paid the parking for the wrong car, leading to a dispute that has dragged on for months. Although Scott Corben realised his error and paid for his own car he has continued to be issued for demands from a company called Premier Parking Solutions (PPS).

After Mr Corben put the wrong details into parking app RingGo he was hit with a £60 fine from PPS, who then added an extra £100 on top when he refused to pay the original amount.

Surprisingly, PPS has accused Mr Corben of “seeking preferential treatment over other motorists”.

The original fine was issued back in October last year when Mr Corben parked outside the Theatre Royal in Plymouth.

Although RingGo offers a grace period for drivers to correct details after payment, this didn’t happen in time to prevent a penalty charge notice being sent out.

Mr Corben said: “The original fine was £60 but they’ve said it’s £100 because I didn’t pay within the 14 days and then they’ve added another £60 in costs – whatever those costs are.

“Because I hadn’t heard from them I was kind of expecting it because I hadn’t heard either way and I’d assumed my appeal hadn’t been accepted.”

On issuing the first fine, PPS said: “The error appears solely to be with the motorist who has authorised the incorrect vehicle to park.

“It is not at all controversial to ask that the correct vehicle is authorised properly to park.”

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In a new statement, a spokesperson for PPS said: “Mr Corben admits that there are no legal grounds for disputing the parking charge and therefore he ought to have settled the charge at the discounted rate of £60, when he had the opportunity to do so.

“The time in dealing with (a) the appeal (including the IAS appeal) (b) the press’ enquiries and (c) instructing solicitors comes at a cost, which we have incurred as a result of Mr Corben failing to comply with our terms and conditions.

“Mr Corben is relying on us extending him a goodwill gesture to cancel the charge, which in essence implies that he is seeking preferential treatment over other motorists, who do take it upon themselves to familiarise themselves and comply with our terms and conditions of parking.

“Our approach as a business is predicated on consistency and we do not see any basis for cancelling the charge.”

Mr Corben said: ”I’ve got until the middle of February to pay it and I have the money to pay it but I’m just trying to think what I can do.”

Recently, private parking companies came under fire when it was revealed the number of PCNS issued has risen by two-thirds in the past five years.

That’s a total rise of 64 percent since 2016.

Legislation to cut the maximum fine payable is currently awaiting sign-off from MPs.

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