Toyota Raize Hybrid passes internal R135 retest –

Toyota and Daihatsu have announced that it has completed an internal retest of the R135 side pole crash test for the Toyota Raize Hybrid/Daihatsu Rocky Hybrid and the vehicle has passed the test.

In the UN R135 test, a pole resembling a utility pole or similar object is impacted against the side of the vehicle. In this test, left and right tests must be performed, and the test data must be submitted.

What happened was the passenger side test was done properly, but for the driver side test, Daihatsu submitted the passenger side test data instead of the driver side test data. This was discovered through an internal audit of its certification operations.

The retest was done on Wednesday May 24 2023 at Daihatsu Shiga Technical Center in Japan. At this point of time, these results are still considered an internal test and has not been confirmed by the certification authority. Daihatsu and Toyota will proceed with the necessary procedure to resume sales of the Toyota Raize Hybrid and Rocky Hybrid, including a retest in the presence of certification authorities.

A total of 78440 cars are affected consisting of 22,329 units of the Rocky hybrid and 56,111 units of the Raize hybrid.

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