Taking my old cast iron Bullet on a 400 km road trip: My 4 observations

The motorcycle should be a bit more capable than the rider otherwise the joy is lost on highway rides.

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Still oil leak from the gearbox is seen. Have to get it checked by some other garage now.

Did a NH44 400 km round trip as another trial run. This time it was a bit disappointing, nevertheless I enjoyed my ride. I have to tinker with the carb setting as the bike doesn’t pick up very well after 65 kmph. I have to open the throttle fully to reach 80+ kph and around 85% to reach 75 kph which is not at all satisfactory on highways (all GPS readings).

Was shocked to see the GPS vs speedometer difference (around 8-10 kph difference with speedo overestimating the speed). Needs speedo replacement, as the needle stops at 60 kph sharp.

Following were the observations (all speeds are w.r.t GPS readings):

Didn’t have any other niggles, for which I am glad. Will tinker with the carb, lube chains, fix the speedo, and get the gearbox oil leakage looked at. Mostly the oil-to-grease ratio might be off causing this leakage. If things don’t improve on my next ride. I will start scouting for a tourer in my garage and this will become my city bike.

My gears

  • Helmet LS2 ff350 – needs upgrade/replacement now (missing the new helmet smell and fit)
  • DSG Nero, Rynox advento, Rynox Storm evo 3 gloves, Orazo boots – all good/new but might need a new jacket once I get my tourer bike.
  • Bobo mobile holder – quite sturdy and has good grip, had to get foam tape outside as my handlebar is a bit too thin for the accompanying rubber tape for a tight grip.

Started at 6 am sharp and ended at around 2.15 pm for a 400km to and fro run. Rode with a base layer for the legs and it was a much better experience. Orazo boots are also decent, however, since it’s a bit thick have to articulate the feet a bit more to shift gears. DSG nero, crmaster saddles are the old workhorses from my earlier days and going well.

So many superbikes were overtaking, there must be a few BHPians amongst them. Helmet was letting in too much noise from the engine thump. Have to get a new helmet if I want to be able to hear bird songs.

Somewhere between bagepalli & penukonda:

Cube stop during return, as usual, ordered thumbs up, tea and coffee:

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