Special Porsche 911 GTS Celebrates Company’s 30 Years In Thailand

Porsche has launched a special 911 Carrera GTS for Thailand. It celebrates the company’s three-decade presence in the country. The car is only available in one of seven colors, paying homage to Thai culture and taking inspiration from the country’s colors of the week.

Porsche made the seven colors through its Paint-to-Sample program. Each day of the week has a corresponding color in Thailand. They are:

The 911 Carrera GTS 30 Years Porsche Thailand Edition features other bespoke touches besides the exterior paint. The standard 20- and 21-inch Turbo S wheels are two-tone – black and the car’s corresponding body color. The Porsche crest on the wheel center caps adds a splash of color as the automaker paints the brake calipers black for a stealthy look.

Porsche pairs its new exclusive exterior colors with high-gloss contrast finishes on the front apron, side window sills, rear apron inlays, rear lid, and exterior mirrors. It even features a special “30 Years of Porsche Thailand Edition” plaque on the B-pillars. At the back, five slats over the engine are painted in red, white, and blue like the Thai flag, while a contemporary 911 logo sits below the Porsche lettering.

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Inside, the special 911s receive contrasting trim pieces finished in the corresponding exterior color. The seats have black corduroy inlays and Pebble gray piping, which Porsche also uses to accentuate the upper parts of the dash, the door panels, and the rear side trim against the black leather interior. Each seat features a unique anniversary logo on the headrests.

Porsche put all the colors into one car in a one-of-a-kind Inspiration Car. The automaker unveiled the GTS it at a gala event celebrating the company’s 30-year history in the country. The Inspiration Car exhibits all seven colors used on the special-edition models. Porsche will display it at its booth throughout the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show 2023.

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