Smartlane at NKVE – emergency lane opened up during peak hours, Setia Alam to Shah Alam, 60 km/h –

Before you get on your high horse and try to viral cars using the emergency lane on the NKVE, make sure exactly where on the highway did it happen. Because it may be legal, and here’s why.

PLUS, operator of the NKVE, has received permission from the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM), in partnership with the police, to test out the effectiveness of a “Smartlane”, which aims to ease congestion during peak hours. Basically, the so-called Smartlane is the emergency lane opened up to traffic.

The Smartlane trial is on the NKVE from Setia Alam to Shah Alam, a stretch that is notorious for bad rush hour traffic. Specifically, it’s from KM 3.2 to KM 9.2 northbound, and the window is from 6.30 to 9.30 am on weekday mornings except public holidays. The speed limit is 60 km/h. The trial will be in place till January 23.

PDRM’s traffic investigation and enforcement department (JSPT) explains that the Smartlane trial actually started in October 2019, but was delayed to March 2020. Since then, traffic has been light due to the nationwide movement control order (MCO) and there was no need for an extra lane. Until now, as the school session has started and traffic is heavy again.

JSPT came out to explain the Smartlane because there was a viral video from earlier this week showing cars using the emergency lane at the said stretch. “Signs with Smartlane info have been erected on that stretch so that there will not be misunderstanding among highway users,” JSPT said, adding that it hopes that motorists will be more attentive to road signs and make sure of the facts before uploading content to social media.

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