Shiny New Giant Trance X E+ Elite 0 Is Big On Price And Low On Weight

Giant has just unveiled its newest electric mountain bike catering to the most avid of off-road riders. Built on the brand’s iconic Trance full-suspension mountain bike, the new Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0 is the lightest electric mountain bike in Giant’s catalog to date. Let’s take a closer look at this capable electric mountain bike. 

In a size medium, the Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0 weighs in at just 18.8 kilograms. The way Giant was able to do this was by combining proprietary technology with some of the best components in the business. From a performance perspective, the new Trance Advanced E+ Elite 0 is powered by the new SyncDrive Pro 2 system. This e-bike motor was developed in collaboration with Yamaha, and offers up to 85 Newton-meters of torque and up to 400-percent assistance. It weighs in at just 2.7 kilograms, contributing to the bike’s lightweight design. 

Powering the impressive system is the new EnergyPak Smart 400 battery. For this, Giant teamed up with electronics giant Panasonic, who developed the battery pack around 22700 cells. The company explains that 22700 cells are lighter, while being more energy-dense than standard cells found in other e-bike battery packs. On top of that, they’re said to be capable of staying cooler, translating to improved energy output, lower stress, and a longer service life. Furthermore, the included Smart Charger is able to optimize battery charging for an even longer service life. 

As for the frame, the new Trance is built out of carbon fiber, ensuring low weight and agile handling even on the most technical of trails. It’s fitted with a 150-millimeter front suspension fork, while rear wheel travel is set at 140 millimeters. On top of all that, the new Trance X Advanced E+ Elite 0 now runs a mullet setup, meaning it’s rocking a 29-inch wheel up front and a 27.5-inch wheel at the back. This means that the chainstay length has been shorted slightly, translating in a nimbler handling bike. 

When it comes to pricing and availability, the new Giant Trance X Advanced E+ Elite carries a starting price of £5,499 in the U.K., or around $6,790 USD. This is the entry-level model equipped with rather basic components such as a Shimano Deore drivetrain. For those looking for the best Giant has to offer, the Trance X Advanced E+ Elite 0 is equipped with a Fox Live Valve, a full SRAM Eaglo X01 AXS drivetran, and lightweight Zipp 3Zero wheels. At this spec, the bike carries an eye-watering price tag of £12,999, or about $16,051 USD.

Sources: BikeRadar, Giant Bicycles

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