Perodua B-segment sedan rendered based on latest Toyota Vios – DNGA platform, revised front and rear –

The fourth-generation Toyota Vios (known as the Yaris Ativ in Thailand) is underpinned by the Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA) platform, which is also used by Perodua Ativa and Alza that are assembled locally here. In a make-believe world where Perodua decided to add a B-segment sedan to its line-up and base it on the latest Vios, what would such a model look like?

Well, rendering wiz Theophilus Chin has once again done the work to create these renders of a Vios-based Perodua sedan. The resulting model doesn’t have a name yet, so get those creative juices flowing and suggest one in the comments below.

As you can see, Theo didn’t just swap out the badges and call it a day. Instead, he replaced the Vios’ entire front end for something that’s more in line with other Perodua models. The bumper now features an X-shaped profile with a smaller lower intake, while the upper grille has been enlarged and gets an insert similar to that seen on the Alza.

Also new are the slender headlamps, which are linked to the grille and accompanied by silver trim just ahead of the bonnet shut line. Elsewhere, the vertical air channels at the corners of the Vios’ bumper have been swapped out for trapezoidal-shaped inserts.

2023 Toyota Vios (Yaris Ativ) 1.2 Premium Luxury CVT (Thailand market)

At the rear, the taillights and boot lid appear to be retained, but the bumper has been made to look deeper than the Vios. The faux air outlets at the corners also get reprofiled to be simpler in appearance and are connected at the bottom edge of the bumper, which no longer sports a diffuser-like element.

What do you think of Theo’s imagining of a second Perodua sedan that is positioned above the smaller Bezza? Is it better looking compared to the Vios? Share your thoughts here.

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