Ola Electric to rollout MoveOS 4 in October 2023

Ola has also improved some of the pre-existing features like regeneration, hill hold, charging time prediction, faster syncing and improved hypercharging.

Ola Electric has announced ‘MoveOS 4’ for its electric scooters. The updated software comes with several new features. The beta version will be released on September 15, followed by the public rollout by the end of October 2023.

MoveOS 4 is equipped with Ola Maps, the company’s in-house developed navigation software. Currently, Ola e-scooters use ‘MapMyIndia’ software.

Ola will also introduce a tamper alert system that notifies owners and bystanders in case the scooter is tampered with. Another new feature is ‘Garage Mode’ which enables users to control multiple Ola e-scooters through a single interface.

Besides this, Ola also claims to have improved the overall user experience of the interface. It features a dark mode and supports facial recognition and fingerprint authentication.

Other updates include Geofencing, Timefencing, Ride Journal, Concert mode, hill descent control, personalized proximity settings, auto turn indicator cut-off, faster syncing, improved hypercharging, headphone controls and a new trip meter.

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