New Yamaha PWseries C2 Aims To Revolutionize Urban E-Bikes

Despite being best known for its innovations in the world of motorcycles, Yamaha is also considered as one of the pioneers in the world of electric bicycles. Over the span of three decades, Yamaha has been rolling new electric bicycles, while at the same time developing and supplying e-bike motors to other brands. At present, brands like Giant are reliant on Yamaha’s technology for their electric bikes.

That being said, Yamaha shows no signs of slowing down, and has recently launched its newest e-bike system. Designed to be used in urban and commuter e-bikes, specifically those designed to conform to European regulations, the new PWseries C2 is all about keeping things lightweight and approachable. It features technology derived from the popular PW-CE range of motors, but here, delivers 10 percent more torque, providing improved all-around performance optimized for street use. On top of that, its compact dimensions mean that e-bike designers can adopt various frame designs to integrate the new motor.

According to Yamaha, the new PWseries C2 tips the scales at no more than seven pounds (three kilograms), making it an ideal solution for compact and lightweight urban e-bikes. With 39 pound-feet (55 Newton-meters) of torque on tap, it’s not the most powerful motor out there, but it promises enough punch to be able to carry you and your cargo up some pretty steep hills. Furthermore, the PWseries C2 is expected to come equipped with some pretty impressive technology that can adapt the motor’s performance depending on ride conditions.

More specifically, the motor uses a range of sensors to offer the Automatic Support Mode, which automatically switches between four different assist settings depending on the terrain and other conditions. Of course, riders can also manually select their desired assist level. These consist of Eco+, Eco, Standard, and High, and will all be accessible either through a mobile app or a bike-mounted controller, depending on the models this motor will be found in. Lastly, the motor also incorporates a handy Walk Assist feature, automatically powering the motor at walking speeds making it convenient to push the bike around in pedestrian zones.

Yamaha states that the new PWseries C2 will be fully compatible with all Yamaha displays and battery configurations, making it easy for existing Yamaha-powered e-bikes to adopt the system on new iterations of their bikes. As mentioned, Yamaha’s new e-bike motor is designed for use on urban and commuter bikes, which are among the most popular segments in the e-bike industry.

Sources: Green Car Congress, Yamaha

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