New Electra Ponto Go! From Trek Is A City E-Bike For You And A Friend

Rapidly developing technology surrounding electric bicycles has allowed manufacturers to experiment with all sorts of designs. Not too long ago, a bicycle designed to carry two people was rather hard to find, as you’d either have to resort to modifying your regular bike, or opt for a tandem bike where your passenger would also have to pedal. These days, however, e-bikes designed to carry passengers are a dime a dozen.

Naturally, e-bikes of this sort make lots of sense, as lots of motorcycles are after all designed to be ridden with a passenger, so why not e-bikes, too, right? It certainly adds to the versatility and fun factor. This is likely what Trek, through its e-bike subsidiary Electra, had in mind with the release of its newest model called the Ponto Go! Like most other cargo bikes in the market, the Ponto Go! is equipped with a long cargo rack and an extended bench saddle. It also incorporates foot pegs to carry a passenger, while featuring a laid-back, feet-forward geometry.

According to Electra, the new Ponto Go! is suitable for riders of all heights – ranging from 4’10” to 6’2” (147 to 188 centimeters). As such, the brand opted to offer the bike in just one size. Furthermore, the 35-kilogram (78 pounds) e-bike has a very impressive payload capacity of 163 kilograms (360 pounds), which is just about right for two average-size adults to hit the road and ride.

Performance-wise, the Class 3 electric bicycle is equipped with both pedal assist and a thumb throttle. On pedal assistance, it can hit a top speed of 26 miles per hour, while on throttle mode, speeds are limited to 20 miles per hour. The motor is a 750-watt hub motor, and sits at the upper limit when it comes to e-bike power output in the US market. Meanwhile, battery tech consists of a 650-watt-hour battery which Electra claims to offer 60 miles on a single charge.

Electra’s new Ponto Go! rolls on 20 x 4-inch urban tires that should provide enough cushioning to make up for the bike’s lack of rear suspension. Up front, it gets a suspension fork to help smooth out uneven road surfaces even more. Electra has also fitted the bike with an eight-speed drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and a handy Quadlock phone mount on the handlebar for extra convenience. All these features are offered at a rather attractive price tag of $2,699 USD, and buyers will have four colors to choose from: Ocean Blue, Black Hole, Harbor Gray, and a fancy Cloud color that features a cotton candy-esque gradient.

Sources: Electrek, Electra Bikes

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