My Toyota Hilux: Impressed with Toyota’s convenient doorstep service

I requested for a pickup and drop service. Instead, I was given an option for door-step service.

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Bombay to Pune – on way to service

The Hilux drove in to Pune from Mumbai for its first service. It made short work of driving in heavy rain through the Ghat section.

The wipers have difficulty coping with heavy rain showers. The rear window does not have a defogger. It fogged up completely, compromising visibility through the IRVM.

The First Service

The Hilux has driven 1,183 km in 22 days. I called Shaw Toyota at 1000 this morning, to set up an appointment for the first service.

I requested for a pickup and drop service. Instead, I was given an option for door-step service. I was a bit confused, but the lady from the workshop explained that the first service entails inspection and washing for which, the car does not necessarily need to come to the workshop, if I do not have any other complaints. The technician would come home, inspect the vehicle and top up any fluids or tighten any nuts/bolts in such a need.

  • The technicians arrived at 1455 – five minutes before the appointed time – which is fantastic.
  • They checked all fluids, (and topped up the brake fluid), sprayed WD40 in all hinges – doors, tailgate, bonnet – and in the External Rear View Mirrors.
  • They started the engine, and scanned the OBD port for any anomalies.
  • The inspection seemed to be carried out by memory without the use of any checklist.

Talk of Toyota Lean Management practices!! The first service took about 30 minutes.

The technicians left after handing over a coupon which could used for a free wash at the service station. At 1600 hours the invoice was sent electronically with zero charge.

Overall the experience was smooth, on-time, and convenience.

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