My Maruti S-Cross 1.6 gets a suspension overhaul & other updates

The S-Cross got new brake pads and a starter motor as well.

BHPian CrossLife recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

So, it was an eventful month of July & August for my S-cross 1.6.

I got the suspension overhaul done at Agera motors, Coimbatore. Things changed:

In addition, I also changed the front brake pads to TVS Hiper. The ride is much better now and braking is better than Maruti stock pads. Most of the parts were bought from Gomechanic spares and I got good discounts.

Overhaul costs including brake pads and labour came close to Rs 22,000. Work was neatly done by Agera Motors.

And one fine day, a few days back, just 1 km away from my home, when I was about to start a long journey, the car refused to start. Initially, I thought it was the starting signal fuse which gave up since the battery was fine. I called Maruti RSA and the technician diagnosed it to be the starter motor which gave up. That immediately reminded me that I had a few long cranks and a few failed cranking very recently. The car was towed to Aadhi Maruti Coimbatore. The starter motor was overhauled. Labour was expensive and including RSA and towing charges final bill came to Rs 7.1k. The new motor cost Rs 13k. The workmanship is top notch and the car starts like butter now.

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