Motorsports could finally feature at the 2028 Olympics

There is no official word on what form of motorsport will be part of the Olympic program.

According to media reports, Motorsport has been shortlisted as one of the sports which could be added to the mandatory slate of 28 core sports by the Los Angeles Olympic Organising Committee. If confirmed, Motorsport could finally have its first official presence at the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, USA.

The reports state that the LA Olympic Organising Committee have shortlisted Motorsport, alongside baseball/softball, Breakdancing, Cricket, Flag Football, Lacrosse, Karate, Kickboxing and Squash. Once the decision is made in a few weeks’ time, the International Olympic Committee will make an official confirmation sometime in October this year.

There is no official word on what form of motorsport will be part of the Olympic program. However, reports do indicate it could be ‘Electric Karting’. FIA – the international motorsport governing body, has been pushing to include karting in the Games since 2018. Electric Karting was even included as an unofficial demonstration event in the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics, held in Argentina.

The Olympic Games is one of the most prestigious sporting events internationally. Held once every four years, the Olympics receives a global television audience of over 3 billion viewers – hence the impact of having a sport included in the Games cannot be underestimated.

In terms of Motorsport, reports do mention that Racing has technically featured at the Olympics once before. The 1900 Olympic Games included a Paris-Toulouse-Paris race along with a few other races, with the podium finishers even receiving medals. However, IOC hasn’t acknowledged whether or not those races were officially part of the Games.

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