Most UK drivers support introduction of EU speed limiters in the UK

EU: Speed limiters to be implemented from 2022

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Last month, the European Union introduced measures to make it compulsory for speed limiters to be fitted to all new vehicles manufactured in the EU. While they have not yet been introduced by the UK Government, experts are still calling for them to be used, along with a majority of drivers.

Around 73 percent of UK drivers say that speed limiters should be fitted to new cars, saying it would help keep the roads safer from people speeding and driving dangerously.

Nine in 10 motorists find it “threatening” when other drivers speed, while 60 percent admit to breaking the limit but believe they are still driving safely.

The speed limiting systems use Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology to warn drivers to slow down if they go over speed limits, using GPS data and traffic cameras.

They were introduced in EU nations on July 6, with the Department for Transport still debating whether to implement the new rules or not.

If motorists fail to reduce their speed, the system can reduce engine power to slow the vehicle down.

The EU hopes the ISA system will cut motoring deaths across Europe by up to 30 percent, with the hope of having zero road casualties by 2050.

According to the research, from Startline Motor Finance, shows 93 percent encounter other drivers significantly exceeding the speed limit.

Around 30 percent said they exceed the speed limit significantly.

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But more than half of drivers say they are still driving safely when they are speeding.

Paul Burgess, CEO at Startline Motor Finance, said: “Our findings show strong backing for the speed limiters. 

“While a proportion admit to speeding themselves, they clearly see active, in-vehicle reinforcement of the limit as a good idea.

“Maybe the standout finding here is that 90 percent of those we surveyed find speeding by other road users ‘threatening’ and that maybe explains our findings. 

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“While people feel that they are safe if they speed themselves, it makes them feel unsafe when others do the same, and their conclusion appears to be that using technology to help stop all speeding is sensible.

“It’ll be interesting to see whether the UK Government follows the EU in making limiters compulsory although there is a possibility that manufacturers, who often specify the same cars across the whole European market, will now fit them anyway.”

More than a third of drivers who back the technology believe that too many people drive too fast, while a further 33 percent said the speed limit was there to keep everyone safe.

In contrast, 39 percent of those against its introduction say they want to be in control of the car at all times.

Just under a quarter of drivers say it is unnecessary as they stick to the speed limit.

In the most recent comment to, a Department for Transport spokesperson said: “The package of European measures known as the General Safety Regulation will not come into effect from July in Great Britain.

“No decision has yet been taken on which elements of the package will be implemented in Great Britain.”

The DfT was involved in developing these requirements, but it would be up to the Government to decide whether they should follow suit after the EU.

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