Maserati announces awesome Project24 track car

Thought the MC20 was cool? You ain't seen nothing yet

By Matt Bird / Friday, 22 July 2022 / Loading comments

The circuit-only hypercar is a curious breed. Here are cars that can’t be raced but also can’t be used on the road (unless subjected to very expensive conversions), yet are being lapped up (sorry) by some of the world’s very wealthiest people. Think Ferrari FXX K, Lamborghini Essenza SCV12, Pagani Huayra R, Aston Valkyrie AMR Pro, McLaren 720S GT3X, Porsche 935 and so on. Clearly the track toy for billionaires is a niche worth tapping into, and that’s exactly what Maserati aims to do with its latest creation, the Project24. 

Described its maker as the car ‘to raise the brand’s unlimited performance to a new level of adrenaline on the track’, the Project24 uses an evolution of the MC20’s Nettuno V6. Where that car must make do with 620hp, uprated turbos here mean a massive 740hp. Which ought to be more than enough for a car that weighs less than 1,250kg dry. And remains rear-wheel drive. Plus, of course, the Project24 comes with all the race ready kit to handle that phenomenal power – and make every track day feel like a proper test session. There are Brembo CCMR brakes, an extinguisher, cage and fuel tank to FIA spec, a six-speed sequential with racing clutch and locking diff, Lexan windows, onboard air jacks, adjustable racing dampers (adjustable everything for the suspension, in fact), slick tyres and a mega aero package. This is the real deal, no doubt.

Furthermore, thanks to the work of Centro Stile Maserati, the Project24 is destined to look utterly sensational as well. It’s built from a carbon tub (which we’ll assume is also developed from the MC20) and features carbon panels, but looks like no other Maserati – good job they put the big badge on, really. And let’s not pretend that design isn’t important when picking out the next bit of exotica for the portfolio. Maserati reckons the car is “something never seen before” from the brand, which we’re not going to argue with – the MC12 looks a hundred years old next to this – “combining beauty with genuine sporty capabilities to become an instant classic collector’s item.”

Which seems a good time to talk about availability. Despite the name, Maserati will actually build 62 Project24s, promising each customer a “unique range of services, including track-specific experiences and state-of-the-art support”. Which, being honest, does sound a lot like the packages offered with the alternatives, but then the popularity is clear to see – why wouldn’t Maserati emulate it? With the car still in testing – Project24 is the development name for the moment – we probably won’t see the Maserati gatecrashing trackdays and causing havoc on Instagram feeds IRL this year. But it doesn’t look very far off, either. And who wouldn’t want to spend their jackpot on a 740hp Maserati that looks like this?

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