KLIA Ekspres is back as a dedicated non-stop service, no longer combined with KLIA Transit – new schedule – paultan.org

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For air travellers, this has to be the final sign that the pandemic is history. No, we’re not talking about encountering large numbers of tourists from China, but the resumption of the KLIA Ekspres.

Yes, the non-stop service from KL Sentral to KLIA and KLIA2 is now back as a dedicated service, which means we once again have both KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit services. Over the course of the pandemic, the city-to-airport train switched between being suspended or running as a combined service due to lockdowns and lower demand.

The reactivated KLIA Ekspres will run every 20 minutes during morning and evening peak hours. The KLIA Transit frequency will also be revised to run every 15 minutes during weekday peak hours, with the peak hours to be extended to 8pm (from 7pm) for the convenience of commuters.

At its peak, there will be a total of seven train services running every hour. Both KLIA Ekspres and Transit services will run at 30 minute intervals during off-peak periods. At KL Sentral, the KLIA Ekspres train departure point will revert to its original departure hall platform. The journey takes 28 minutes or 33 minutes to/from KLIA2. Welcome back, old friend.

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