Innova Hycross hybrid: 20 observations including mileage after 500 km

For the first 500 Km, I got a mileage of 16.5 km/litre.

BHPian pradeepkm recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Experience is quite good. Driven around 500 Km now in a weeks time.

  • Excellent driving comfort
  • Very smooth
  • Suspension is quite good. Have driven it with full family of 7 and none complained.
  • 3rd row seats are for 2 – Middle seat is good for a kid. So essentially I am considering it as 6 seater
  • The Steering control buttons are a real let down. No tactile feedback. The arrangement is a complete mess. Audio controls are mixed with cruise controls on the right side. (while using Apple Carplay).
  • The speaker system in VX is quite good. I am not missing the subwoofer. Quality is OK.
  • The storage box and hand rest is very handy and quite deep.
  • Still not able to figure out how to mute the carplay audio when needed with one touch.
  • Overall the seating position of the driver is very comfortable. The dead pedal provided is a boon.
  • The Goodyear tyres produce road noise and it trickles in to the cabin while on Highways.
  • The camera quality overall is quite bad. Added to it is the resolution of the 8 inch screen. These are basic stuff Toyota ignored in a 30L car!
  • VX seats in the middle row have good thigh support.
  • We can get into the 3rd row between the 2 middle row seats which is good.
  • Fitted few accessories like skid plate and window trim chrome garnish. Everything is super costly
  • Noticed that in my 500 km drive , the EV battery never got charged above 50 percent. The vehicle moves very aggressively to EV Mode , whenever possible and depletes the battery. Since the user have zero control over the scenario, I will just observe and report the same when I go for first service.
  • The Power -Drive mode is quite good for overtaking in highways. Used it in the new Bangalore – Mysore Highway and the Nice road. Very handy when you need that little extra power.
  • For sedate driving in the city the eco mode is sufficient. I guess ,in echo mode the vehicle switches to the EV mode quite often .
  • For the first 500 Km I got 16.5 Km/litre fuel efficiency. (As per vehicle)
  • The eco score display is pretty handy as the vehicle analyses your driving habits and provide comprehensive information.
  • The Blk-Agh colour is prone to attract dirt and if you don’t clean the car regularly, it will spoil the looks.

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