Hyundai Tucson Signature 4WD AT: A prospective owner’s take

The Tucson’s interiors feel more premium than the C5 Aircross and the Tiguan.

BHPian neel911 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Just came back from Dealer Launch event of Tucson. I was there at about 1pm and they had Amazon Gray in showroom display as part of launch and Starry Night for test drive. We had the normal lamp/diya lighting and cake cutting ceremony. The test drive vehicle was top end HTRAC model and I was able to take a decent test drive. Along with me there were 3-4 other potential customers. I have booked the AWD/4WD variant.

Inputs from my side:

  • The car looks premium and pictures do not do justice
  • The fit and finish is top notch like a typical European car
  • Looks are purely subjective. However I felt this new generation looked more premium
  • We should not club this car along with other cars Hyundai offers in India
  • The doors seemed on heavier side
  • Lots and lots of space.
  • Feels much premium inside compared to Tiguan or C5 (can be subjective)
  • My wife and I found Starry Night better than Amazon Gray.
  • Diesel engine is just superb. It is so smooth and powerful
  • Cabin isolation seems better than outgoing version and I could not feel I was driving a Diesel engine. It was very quiet inside (C5 has slightly better isolation)
  • I did go over few bad patches and the car was absorbing it pretty well
  • The camera resolution is extremely good
  • Very easy to manoeuver
  • It is a looker. Heads were turning when I was passing by

Now does it justify huge premium? For me, its a big No. The top end variant (4WD) is going to be around 44L OTR Bangalore .

I was talking to sales guys and the demand is much more than supply. Someone was mentioning 1000 kits is what they have now, but I expect good amount of cancellations.

Official Pricing (Bangalore) :

Few pictures below (I’ve tried to limit to exterior):

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