HOT ROD Drag Week 2021: Day 4 Race Results from Byron Raceway


Byron Raceway in Byron, Illinois, is one of those old-school racetracks that oozes history and charm, and today, it provided the perfect setting for Day 4 of HOT ROD Drag Week 2021. There were more spectators in the stands than other venues so far, which was really cool since the format of Drag Week isn’t convenient for those who would like to watch in person. That’s what the live feed is for, however, and between the fans in the stands—and nearly 5,500 viewers watching live—Day 4 didn’t disappoint.

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Fan-favorite Nick Cryer’s twin-turbo 1963 Divco Milk Truck pulled the wheels to the delight of David Freiburger in the announcer booth and hustled down the track to the tune of 12.04 at 106.37 mph.

Bryant Goldstone and Mikael Borggren, second and third overall so far, lined up for an exciting side-by-side pass. Traction was a problem for both, however, as Goldstone ran 7.13 at 187.26 mph in his Javelin, and the Flying Swede ran a disappointing 8.10 at 167.09 mph in the 1987 Volvo 240 wagon.

Dave Schroeder and his Pro Mod C7 Corvette also struggled with traction off the line, running 7.14 at 192.66 mph. Joe Barry was still experiencing some driveline problems in his Creamsicle 1956 Chevy. He broke the centersection of his 9-inch yesterday and is running a spare borrowed from a fellow competitor.

With the last runs at Byron in the books, racers head back to where it all started this year, U.S. 131 Raceway in Martin, Michigan, for the fifth and final day of HOT ROD Drag Week 2021.


Couldn’t make it to Drag Week? We’ve got the next best thing: full live streaming straight from the event! If you want to catch up on previous days, head to the Drag Week YouTube playlist page and check out the replays!

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