Handbrake fail sees holidaymaker’s car submerged in resort’s lake

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The incident happened yesterday at Whiteacres Holiday Park, Newquay, Cornwall. Mechanics at the nearby Fourwinds Garage came to the rescue to “fish the car out of the lake” – but by that time it was nearly completely submerged.

Pictures posted to CornwallLive show the unfortunate turn of events which led to a Ford Focus estate entering the waters at the Parkdean Resort.

In the pictures, rescuers can be seen looking into the water ahead of the rescue, as well as during the vehicle retrieval. They appear to be using an eastrac tow machine – a device designed to recover cars and other vehicles from hard to reach areas. 

It does this through the use of caterpillar tracks, which ensure that it can grip difficult to navigate terrain.

Pictures of the aftermath show the dripping car rescued and back on dry land.


Discussing the incident, an employee at the Mitchell-based garage said: “An unfortunate holidaymaker experienced an electronic handbrake fail. Fourwinds Garage were sent on behalf of the AA to fish the car out of the lake at Whiteacres Holiday Park with our Eastrac.”

The employee said: “A faulty electronic handbrake caused the vehicle to roll. The owners were very good and calm about the situation and were grateful that no one was hurt”.

After seeing the pictures online, readers were keen to share their thoughts on the unlucky driver’s experience.

One user, Dwnh, wrote: “I live on a bit of a hill, always leave the car in gear and turn wheels into the curb. New fangled cars have people relying on the technology.”

Another, P0werp, joked: “Visitors once again keeping the locals in work.”

“Let us be straight here. It was actually Gravity that sent the car into the lake, not an”electronic handbrake fail,” added JoeJack, echoing the humorous sentiment. 

As pasty99 commented: “Can’t park there mate.”

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