Fiat launches new £3,000 grant to help drivers save on electric car costs

The UK Government ended its Plug-in Car Grant almost 12 months ago, with Fiat becoming the first carmaker to launch its only incentive scheme.

The Fiat E-Grant doubles the Government’s old grant, allowing motorists to save £3,000 on the all-electric 500e and 500e Convertible.

An open letter has also been sent by the Italian brand to the Government, saying that even more drivers could switch if they brought back incentives.

The Government decided to end the Plug-in Car Grant on June 14 last year with funding for the scheme moving to improving the EV charging network.

At one point, drivers could use the grant to save up to £5,000 off the market price of a new electric car.

The scheme helped to increase the sales of fully electric cars from less than 1,000 in 2011 to almost 100,000 in the first five months of 2022 alone.

Despite this, similar schemes continue to operate around the world, including in 21 European countries.

Germany and Spain are offering significant incentives of up to €9,000 (£7,734), while drivers in the United States can save up to $7,500 (£5,980) in tax credits.

Damien Dally, managing director at Fiat UK, commented on the decision to launch a new grant system to help drivers make the switch to an EV.

He said: “There’s no doubt the Government’s Plug-in Car Grant successfully kickstarted the UK’s electric car revolution – it supported the sale of nearly half a million electric cars.

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“We also appreciate it refocusing funding towards one of the main barriers to the electric vehicle transition, public charging.  

“However, with the cost-of-living crisis and rising cost of electric vehicles, coupled with our net zero climate targets, we believe more needs to be done to incentivise individuals to be able to afford to make the switch.”

The Fiat 500e has an impressive 199-mile range, with it being offered as the perfect vehicle option for those with city commutes.

It also has a host of battery-saving features known as Sherpa Mode. This can save energy and optimise the EV including mobile charging, limiting speed and controlling air conditioning.

The Fiat 500 also has fast charging capability, allowing drivers to plug in for just five minutes, adding up to 30 miles. It can be charged to 80 percent in 35 minutes.

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It is also one of the first electric cars to use the right-hand pedal both to accelerate and decelerate, which has been described as a “new driving experience”.

Any time the driver lifts their right foot from the pedal and the car slows down, this recovers kinetic energy, generating electric power and recharging the battery.

Mr Dally added: “The 500e has won countless industry accolades, it looks great, its compactness suits our busy streets and roads and will certainly put a smile on a driver’s face. 

“We want drivers up and down the country to have a better chance of experiencing that.”   

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