EV Range, RV Towing, Audi And Rivian: EV News Jan 13, 2022

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2011 to 2021

What were you doing in 2011? I had to go back through pictures to see. My wife and I made our first trip to Denver. My dad, brothers, and I made a trip to Mecum in Kansas City, which was pretty awesome. Also, in 2011, the maximum range for an EV topped out at 94 miles and the median range was only 68 miles. By 2016, the median range was around 218 miles with a maximum range of 315 miles.

In 2021, EV companies reached a maximum range of 405 miles with a median of 234 miles. The max range has hit a high point, but the median dropped a little compared to 2019 and 2020. Why do you think that is? Leave a comment below. 

EV RVing

When I was really young, we had a pop-up camper as a fifth-wheel RV. The parent company (Thor Industries) for Airstream is looking at changing the RV game. It recently signed a MOU with auto supplier, ZF, so the company is able to obtain access to ZF’s eTrailer system in a travel trailer RV.

The trailer will have its own battery pack and electric drive. It will communicate with the towing vehicle and sync related to braking and power delivery. The main advantage is the trailer would extend or maintain the range of your EV when towing. You can take the family camping in your EV and tow this trailer without reducing your range. Thor has quite a few brands under it, so it remains to be seen which brand will get this feature first.     

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