Drivers urged to use ventilation hack that doesn’t rely on air con and saves fuel

Charlie Stayt and Dominic Raab clash over petrol prices

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With the summer weather fast approaching British drivers will try everything in their power to keep their vehicles as cool as possible. Every motorist knows how hot a car can get if left in direct sunlight even for a few minutes.

Brits got their first taste of summer this week with temperatures soaring above 30 degrees in some places.

And, while hot weather is enjoyed by many, it can be a nightmare for drivers, especially during the cost of fuel crisis.

Many motorists will be aware that using air con to cool the car down can waste a lot of fuel.

And with the petrol and diesel prices not showing any signs of declining, drivers will want to save as much fuel as possible.

The latest RAC Fuel Watch indicates that the average price of petrol stands at 187.51p per litre.

Owners of diesel vehicles will have to pay even more with the price standing at 194.17p.

With that in mind, experts at RAC have urged motorists to use a clever ventilation trick that can save hundreds of pounds as it does not rely on air conditioning as much.

The experts said that many motorists make the mistake of blasting the air con on as soon as they enter their vehicles.

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However, doing so could increase fuel use by up to 10 percent as the engine will have to work harder.

Instead, drivers should immediately open all the car windows and leave them open for the first few minutes of the journey.

This will result in the temperature of the car dropping noticeably.

After a few minutes, motorists should turn the air con on and close the windows.

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By doing so, the air conditioning system will not be required to work as hard to bring the temperature down.

This in turn means that the engine will have to work less hard and will use less fuel.

The RAC added that there are a couple of other tricks that drivers can use.

Firstly, the experts urged drivers to fan the interior.

They said: “Open both the windows on one side of the car, then ‘fan’ the interior by swinging a door on the opposite side back and forth.

“Providing you’re not worried about potentially looking a bit weird, repeat this open-close motion at least three times to help expel the hot air.”

Secondly, car owners should use lower air vents.

The RAC said: “Heat rises, so it makes sense to blast the cooler, air-conditioned air into the footwells, forcing the hot air already inside the car upwards and out of the open windows.

“Shut off the upper vents on the dashboard and at the base of the windscreen so that the full flow of air into the car is directed upwards.”

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