Drivers can save money at the petrol station by using ‘game-changing’ button

TikTok user discovers ‘car hack’ for holding petrol caps

Petrol and diesel drivers can save vital pennies by pressing a “game-changing” button at the fuel pump.

Motorists can pre-set petrol stations to stop dispensing fuel when a certain limit is reached to stop drivers from exceeding spending limits.

The tool means drivers can punch in exactly how much they want to spend to ensure the end of embarrassing situations.

The setting could stop drivers from being caught out by a hilarious one or two penny overcharge when they fail to line up the numbers correctly.

To use the hack, road users have to simply set an amount using a numbered keypad before they lift the nozzle.

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The feature will work with both the “pay at pump” and “pay at cashier” options giving motorists more freedom. One social media user described the button as a “gamechanger” for road users.

Two social media videos have gone viral after explaining to drivers how to programme the pump. @leafygreens posted a clip on TikTok outlining the concept to her followers.

She said: “Don’t you hate not always getting your petrol on the nose? Basically, all you have to do is select how much you want to put in and it stops exactly where you tell it.”

Most TikTok users seemed impressed with the concept while one even revealed petrol workers now actively promote the technology.

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@laurafaithmw explained: “I work at a petrol station and I have to tell people a lot you can preset the pumps so it doesn’t go over.” @narwal_88 sounded shocked at the revelation, commenting: “Wait WHAT.”

However, others admitted they wouldn’t use the new divide as they liked trying to guess the exact amount themselves.

@punjabipenchod remarked: “Bruh I love playing the game of filling it to bang on numbers cos I always win.” @fizzy.g_ added: “Naa all us real ones live that risky lifestyle.”

Another TikTok user @livticks also appeared stunned as she showed off the tool on her channel: “How did I never know this existed? If you click this button two times ten for £20. It will stop itself at exactly £20. Wow! That’s so cool.”

@hayley.campbellx commented: “As someone who works in a petrol station I hope this reaches the right audience because I’m so tired of the penny complaints when it’s so easy to fix.”

@poochiesocute wrote: “Loool I realised this a couple months back it’s a true gamechanger.”

The technology could be a major boost to motorists this summer with petrol prices rising amid the cost-of-living crisis.

According to RAC, July marks a “turning point” for fuel prices with possible price rises on the horizon. The average cost of petrol was up around 1p on average since the start of last month and 2p more expensive than June.

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