Drivers can save £179 on fuel every year by avoiding simple mistake

Hypermiling: Drivers go to extremes to conserve fuel

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While petrol and diesel prices are slowly dropping once again, it might still take a while for motorists to feel a considerable difference. The latest RAC Fuel Watch shows that drivers can expect to pay 161.90p per litre of unleaded and 186.13p per litre of diesel on average.

With this in mind, motoring experts have warned drivers about a common petrol station mistake that may increase their fuel bill by £179 per year.

According to Nerd Wallet, the average Brit spends £3,406.80 on their car every single year and with petrol prices all over the place, this figure is highly likely to go up.

To help motorists cut costs, experts at Peter Vardy warned drivers not to choose premium fuel over standard.

They added that retailers often claim that premium fuel offers performance and economic advantages and can even protect the engine.

In reality, unless driving a performance vehicle, drivers are unlikely to see many improvements – but they will pay an average of 10p more per litre.

By sticking to standard unleaded, drivers can save themselves £179.14 per year. There are several other ways that drivers can save money on their vehicles. These include…

Paying road tax annually instead of monthly

Paying road tax annually instead of monthly saves up to £29, according to the experts. While it may be easier to spread the cost of road tax, it ends up costing more in the long run.

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Haggling can save money on car insurance and breakdown cover

Haggling is an underrated art form, and one forum on Money Saving Expert revealed a £100 saving from RAC by haggling a renewal cover.

According to Money Saving Expert, motorists that have haggled their covers with AA, Admiral and RAC all had an 80 percent success rate at reducing their premiums.

Performing car maintenance checks

By performing their own car maintenance checks, spotting standard wear and tear and fixing it before it becomes a problem, drivers can avoid paying the average annual repair cost of £574.

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Using cashback credit cards

Purchasing petrol or diesel with a cashback credit card (like Santander’s 123 accounts) offers drivers three percent cash back for each fill-up. If motorists filled up their car biweekly, they would get £52.68 over the full year.

Adding someone else onto insurance

By naming a parent on an insurance policy, newly-qualified drivers can reduce their yearly insurance cost by hundreds of pounds.

Travel outside rush hour

Experts at A-Plan Insurance said that avoiding traffic jams will prevent the car from constantly starting and stopping.

When a vehicle is forced to accelerate and brake all the time the fuel consumption is negatively affected.

By avoiding travelling during peak times and taking alternative routes drivers may not only expect a smoother journey but also improved fuel consumption.

Driving at a constant speed is crucial when attempting to save petrol and diesel, according to the RAC.

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