Diana’s treasured ‘hot hatch’ Escort for sale 25 years after her death

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She drove the hatchback – once synonymous with “Essex boys and girls” – from 1985 to 1988. And it is thought she used the modest motor for meeting girlfriends for lunch or nipping to the shops, rather than official duties. Silverstone Auctions are confident the iconic car will fetch “six figures” on August 27.

A spokesman said: “Diana’s later choice of luxury cars may have been more expensive when new, but the Ford Escort RS Turbo far outperforms them at auction, selling in some cases for three times the equivalent models.”

The Ford was a replacement for her previous Escort, which was red and had a canvas folding roof.

The Royal Protection Service made her change it as it gave her little privacy and no protection.

So the black RS Turbo model was given a “stealth makeover” by Ford’s Special Vehicle Engineering department. It included a second rear view mirror for the detective in the passenger seat.

Its next careful owner was the wife of a Ford manager, Geoff King, who bought it for £2,638.

It was later a prize given away by dance station Kiss FM in 1993.

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