Clocked 2300 miles on my Tesla so far & spent only $92 on charging

This is the best feeling about owning a Tesla. I am also super impressed with the car’s music system.

BHPian mobike008 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I have been travelling quite a bit and not getting much driving so the odometer after 3.5 months stands at 2,300 miles.

Life with M3P is going smoothly and I am enjoying every minute behind the wheel of this “Supercomputer”.

It’s slick, smooth and super-fast. Thankfully, there are no rattles, noises and any type of vibrations.

Apart from its astonishing speed, I am very very impressed with its music system. I plan to share a dedicated post on it sometime soon.

Here are a few pictures from earlier this month against some gorgeous sunsets we get here in PNW.

Some sunset pictures during an evening walk couple of weeks ago.

From yesterday evening.

Once the snowing stopped, I washed it nice and clean along with White Lightening.

Spent just $92 in electricity till date for driving 2300 miles. This is the best feeling about owning a Tesla.

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