Car ownership under threat with six million drivers set to ditch cars

New research suggests that 6.4 million Britons are planning to move away from car ownership and transition to more sustainable transport options in the next five years.

This comes as the cost of living crisis has forced most motoring costs higher, including the price of fuel and the cost of charging an electric car.

It is estimated that over half of people in the UK say they are more sustainability-conscious after the pandemic.

With these active changes, more drivers are looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint, with many seeing the car as being the first major polluter in their lives.

The data, from Swytch, revealed that over nine million Britons have already stopped using their vehicles for short journeys.

Almost six million people are looking into the viability of using active transport methods like cycling, walking or using an electric bike.

While petrol and diesel prices have fallen in recent months, drivers are still paying over the odds for their fuel.

Many motoring organisations have criticised supermarkets and major retailers for not bringing prices down quickly enough, especially diesel.

Commenting on the data, Oliver Montague, CEO and co-founder of Swytch Technology, highlighted the trend of people looking for more environmentally-friendly options, like electric vehicles.

He said: “Although there is still progress to be made in creating a sustainable transport infrastructure in the UK, consumer behavioural trends certainly show that the public is starting to favour electric vehicles over internal combustion engines, indicating a dedication towards a greener future.

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“All research indicates that young people are driving less than in the 1990s, and I think that as sustainability becomes a key priority for the likes of millennials and Gen Z’s, petrol and diesel cars are definitely ‘losing their cool’. 

“This is especially true now amid a cost of living crisis when owning and running a car has become far too expensive for a lot of people.”

The data shows that almost four million Britons are now cycling or using an electric mode of transport to get to their job.

Train fares have also risen in price, with many commuters seeing a six percent increase in March.

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Local authorities, including Transport for London, have been headstrong in their bid for motorists to travel in a cleaner way.

This includes the spread of electric scooter trials in almost 50 cities around the UK and e-bike schemes.

Some councils are even offering motorists the chance to leave their cars at home and receive active transport vouchers for shorter inter-city journeys.

Mr Montague concluded, saying: “As more people turn to e-bikes for their daily commuting and delivery needs, we will see a significant reduction in our reliance on fossil fuels and a corresponding decrease in air pollution.”

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