Booked a Creta, dealer insisting on getting insurance from the showroom

If I get the insurance from outside, the Hyundai dealer might not be able to provide me with the SUV.

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Hello Folks,

Buying a car after 8 years, hence out of touch with the current state of affairs. When I bought in 2014, things like PDI, and getting insurance outside was not very popular or I was not aware enough.

Things are different now.

I booked a CRETA SX (O) IVT Petrol from a Hyundai dealer in Bangalore. Insurance that the dealer is offering comes to Rs 78k, including B2B, EP, RTI and, apparently, covers things like rat-bites, cashless across India, No. of claims, etc.

PFA, complete benefits if I take insurance from Hyundai.

The dealer is insisting on taking Insurance and may not be able to offer the car without insurance.

I am kind of exhausted with this car buying process, which started in Sep 2021… multiple TDs, multiple bookings and cancellations, a lot of negotiations, etc. I don’t want to be short-changed and at the same time, don’t have hours to spend any more on haggling/negotiations.

If you were in my place, what would you do?

Here’s what GTO had to say about the matter:

In an ideal world, I’d tell you to cross-shop with other dealers, haggle, put your foot down, complain to Hyundai and get your way. But the current situation is far from ideal. It’s an absolute seller’s market and the car you are buying has a waiting period running into months!

Try to haggle a little bit on the price. If he agrees, good. If he doesn’t, just go ahead and get it from him for a smoother, quicker experience.

Time is money. I have frequently paid 5% over the market-value for my pre-worshipped cars if I really loved them. The last time I bought a pre-owned German, I paid the asking price because I didn’t want to lose the car (had already lost 2 other deals) and it was reasonably priced.

If I really like something, I’ll pay extra for it. You know my answer. Again, time is money and you have clearly had enough of the car buying process, so close it.

Here’s what BHPian thanixravindran had to say about the matter:

It is not due to wider coverage but due to his big fat commission. You can do the following:

  • Get a formal quote with your preferred insurance with add-on covers as needed by you and ask the dealer to match or settle within 5 to 10% of it to maintain the relationship.
  • Switch to another dealer but the end result is very likely the same as Creta is a hot-selling car.
  • Escalate to Hyundai and fight it out as no one can compel you to buy the insurance.
  • I read about ‘Click to Buy’ from Hyundai in this forum itself. Delivery will still be through the dealer but booking and payment are online and directly deals with Hyundai. During this process, you can opt out of insurance (do it on your own) and transfer only RTO charges for registration. Search the thread and get the details.

Here’s what BHPian Col Mehta had to say about the matter:

78k for insurance is quite high. We paid ~55k which includes zero dep, consumables, engine cover and RTI covers.

But if you need your car early, I say go for it. Some of the benefits do make sense as well. 20k “premium” in today’s crazy seller’s market isn’t that bad. Of course it’s far from ideal but so is the current situation. Getting your choice of engine/gearbox/colour is a task in itself.

Here’s what BHPian Theyota had to say about the matter:

I wouldn’t buy this car just because I don’t like to be held to ransom. I have bought dealer’s insurance in the past from Toyota dealers. But the dealer offered me a choice to buy outside if I want and sold me on the added benefit of paying 10-12% extra.

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