BMW i4 comes home: Impressions after 1 month of ownership

While the car has scary low ground clearance, the stance gives it a menacing character.

BHPian redeff recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

We welcomed the I4 home last month. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. The car does have low ground clearance (as expected and warned) but has been pretty great. In fact, after my Audi A4 (that we bought in 2009 and tearfully parted ways with a few years back), I’m yet to feel ‘love’ for a car the way I feel for this one.

The trick is to pretend it is not a family sedan(ish) car and to pretend that it’s a (relatively) practical sports car. In that role, it’s just brilliant. I would have preferred the grey, but the white is pretty amazing.

Boot space is quite decent and the powered tailgate (it is a notchback in the sense) gives great access to the boot. The rear seat isn’t bad, but nothing to write home about, the Disco sport in our garage is the absolute king for that. The range is perhaps the best in the country. The car, even in white, gets a lot of attention on the roads, perhaps because of the green number plate. The driving experience is brilliant and the ride is sublime!

Let me leave you with a photo of the car in Lonavala.

While the car has scary low ground clearance, the stance gives it a menacing character, very sports car/grand tourer in my opinion. Did not take the body kit on this one, which makes changes to the size and upgrades the alloys. These rims are great in my books.

Get a car that makes you look back they say. I say get a car that makes you look both at the front and the back and the sides and the insides!

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