Best fuel usage apps 2023

Keep an eye on your running costs with our top choices

  • 1Introduction – currently reading
  • 2Auto Care
  • 3Fuel Monitor
  • 4Road Trip
  • 5MPG Calc
  • 6FillUp
  • 7FuelLog: Car Management
  • 8Fuel Calculator
  • 9MPG Calculator

Whether your car sips or gulps petrol or diesel, fuel represents a huge percentage of motorists’ annual costs. So if you’re serious about cutting those bills, you need to know on what, how and when you’re spending cash.

Many motorists do this using a smartphone app, which can crunch the numbers, displaying your mileage and expenditure in charts and tables. Here we put eight to the test.

How we tested them

The design and usability of these smartphone and tablet apps is key, allowing quick input of data on the fuel-station forecourt. But of equal importance is the way they display data clearly, which is essential to track your costs over time.

While some apps include the ability to track service and repair costs, this was a secondary factor in our scoring. More significant for these cost-saving apps were price and availability across both iOS and Android operating systems.


The ability to work across the web and as an app means Fuelly wins, but if you don’t need to do that, then Fuellio is still useful. Fuel Monitor Pro is very attractive but there’s no free ‘lite’ version.

  1. Fuelly
  2. Fuellio
  3. Fuel Monitor Pro
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  • 1Introduction – currently readingKeep an eye on your running costs with our top choices
  • 2Auto CareFuelly fuel app
  • 3Fuel MonitorFuellio app review
  • 4Road TripFuel Monitor Pro app review
  • 5MPG CalcAuto Care 1 app review
  • 6FillUpDrivvo app review
  • 7FuelLog: Car ManagementRoad Trip app review
  • 8Fuel CalculatorFillUp app review
  • 9MPG CalculatorFuel Record Mileage Log review

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