An Innova Crysta owner test drives the Mahindra Scorpio-N

The AC was much more effective than that of XUV 700.

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Hello BHPians. Thanks to the moderators who approved me as a member. Apologies in advance if I write something that is not related to this thread or is against the forum rules.

Well just a little background, I currently own a 2017 Innova Crysta Diesel Manual and a 2021 Audi A6 45 TFSI Technology which is about to complete 1 year. My next purchase will be to replace the Innova Crysta (almost run to 50,000 kms) due to Diesel life of a vehicle in NCR (although I haven’t faced any issue with the vehicle and can easily keep the same for next 2-3 years and then later sell the same). In the past, we have usually kept our vehicles for 4-5 years on an average and never touched any vehicle beyond 60,000 kms (New Purchase) and 80,000 kms (Second Owner).

So in search of replacing the Innova (though not in a hurry at all), I took the Test drive of Automatic Innova (quite unimpressive compared to the Manual Diesel) and then I test drove XUV 700 Petrol Automatic (Petrol being the preference since running of both vehicles combined will be about 20,000 kms annually and strict NCR rules) which I found to be quite impressive. The waiting at that time was around 18 months for the top of the line variant.

After Scorpio N launch, I knew I had to look at this vehicle for sure especially considering the launch prices (and the increase we all expect in the prices after that). Yesterday, took my family (mother, wife and an infant) to check out both the vehicles and test drove the same.

Few Observations:

  • I was really impressed by the size of Scorpio – N and had an instant connect with the front design. The rear though not amazing is not a deal breaker for me.
  • Third seat is quite useless and in terms of boot space, it is better to unscrew the seat screws and keep it out (as we would hardly use the third row)
  • Test drove the XUV 700 (Petrol AT) first with family (which I had driven before alone) and the instant comfort and ride comparison began with Innova Crysta by my family. They didn’t feel a lot of difference between the ride quality but definitely thought the space in the second row is much less that in Innova. Rest everything was within the comfort.
  • Test drove the Scorpio – N (Petrol AT) after this (a very short test drive as the showroom was not allowing to take it beyond the subscribed area demarcated by them).
  • As soon as I got in the driving seat, it felt amazing and brought a smile to my face immediately. The vehicle size and commanding seat position was very impressive.
  • Even the steering felt better (since XUV’s steering is very very light for that size which is a good thing in my use case but would have preferred it to be more heavy for its size) to hold and grip.
  • The AC was much more effective than that of XUV 700.
  • The ride quality (though we tested on the highway only and no bad patch of roads) was good for its size and I don’t make a lot of cuts at high speeds, so I was impressed by it.

At the end, the mind said XUV 700 (or explore other comparatively smaller vehicles like Toyota Hyryder or other new launches that might happen in next 1-2 years since I can easily live with my Innova till then). But the heart was saying Scorpio – N purely for its sheer size and the way it handles and feels while driving. Add to it a very good launch price though there are quite a few misses on the comfort features but one feature that I felt could have been added in the top end is the 360 degree camera. Though I have never used it before in any of my cars, but while parking the XUV 700 after test driving in a very peculiar spot, it felt very easy to park the vehicle cause of the 360 degree camera which would be a big miss for Scorpio – N. Hope they rectify this soon.

Have asked the SA to arrange a more engaging and longer test drive once the rush is settled down. Have added the Z8L AT variant in the cart; though I know I would not book the same in initial 25,000 bookings as I don’t feel Innova should be replaced this year. Also, I am hoping some of the features could be added in both XUV 700 and Scorpio – N in the near future where I would feel the wait was worth it (though the prices at that point might change my mind again).

Will update if I get to take another longer test drive and you never know if the heart rules over the mind.

Will also check out the Hyryder once the test drive begins (though the boot space is the only issue for me, else it seems they have covered most of the things in terms of features in this one).

Hoping to share my past experiences and add some inputs as well as make my next purchase more engaging by taking inputs of the forum members.

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