1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Provides Opulence for Six Passengers

The Oldsmobile Cutlass spent most of the late 1970s at or near the top of the American best-selling cars hit parade, and sales remained strong even after the Cutlass Supreme moved to the G-body platform for 1982. Things in the Cutlass world got confusing that year, with the Cutlass Ciera debuting as a front-wheel-drive sibling to the Chevy Celebrity and the Supreme remaining a rear-wheel-drive Malibu twin. Here’s a magazine advertisement for the 1984 Cutlass Supreme coupe.

This car wasn’t very big, scaling in at just 3,133 pounds (a bit less than the 2021 Honda Accord, which has the interior-space advantage of front-wheel-drive), but those “deep, full-foam seats with elegant upholstery” allowed six passengers to ride in opulence. Yes, even as late as the middle 1980s, Americans were willing to pack six adults into a cramped two-door.

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